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This is Where You Will Find: Politically INCORRECT Content That Will Offend Some AND Surprise The Others.


Strange but true, being good is overrated and self-sabotaging. I know because I have been one for far too long a time to realize that it is not worth it. When you are a bad guy, people (ironically) won’t treat you bad, won’t take unfair advantage of you, won’t take you for granted, will think twice before trying to con you and won’t force you to apologize for expressing your opinions (even if they are politically incorrect). There is power in being bad; be it politics, business or women, it is usually the BAD guy who wins.  Therefore there is no point in being good, is there? By the way being bad does not mean being a pervert or a criminal. Being bad is about not giving a damn about what others think of you.


There was a time I used to be a nice guy. Soon I found out that nice guys indeed finish last….that being nice meant that people taking unfair advantage of you, fooling you, cheating you, and what not. I used to get bothered a lot about what people will think of me if I say this or that. Life has taught me the real nature of most people: unless they wanted my money (in which case they would call me up and message me relentlessly) , most people did nothing except ignoring me, disliking me and judging me.  So one fine day I said to myself “Fuck people, I will write whatever I want to write, and all those who used to dislike or judge me may continue to do so, for I could care less.”


Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any mental or physical damage that my content may do to you. Read at your own risk.


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Ariindam Chakrabortiy

Tell Your Buddies About BAD GUY


  • Pritam

    Pretty interesting.. I liked the spirit when you said fuck people and I will write what I want.. I mean seriously! It’s so annoying to be nice.. Specially if u r born nice genetically and you can’t help but end up being a nice person.. I bet your blog is I am a bad guy but you will always be a nice a guy at heart.. Keep writing n exploring..

  • abigail nasser


    I’m looking to buy some advertising space on arindamchakraborty.com. Is this something that you’d be interested in talking about further?

    If so, then please reply to this email so that we can kick things off.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.


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