The 5 Minute Protection Ritual: For Staying Protected From Harmful and Hostile People

(Disclaimer: I am not an expert. These instructions come with NO warranty. Use at your own risk)

If you are prone to encountering a lot of hostile, antagonistic or in general difficult people on a regular basis, this protection ritual is something you should try out. After I have started practicing this, I encounter fewer “difficult” or intimidating people and on another note, people seem to me admire or respect me a bit more than before. The ritual is very easy to do and takes just five minutes of your time. I suggest doing it at least once every day (if you meet a lot of difficult people then practice it for two or three times a day).


a) First of all, find a place where you can find some tranquility. Once you get adept at this, you can practice it even in the nosiest of places, but for newbies, a calm place is an absolute must.

b) Play some soothing, relaxing meditation music; any mediation music that is at least five minutes long is enough. Again this is not needed once you get good at this. However if you have trouble with focus or concentration, then music can be very helpful in getting you focused. I have a whole playlist of selected meditation music from which you can pick and choose (or choose something else you like);

c) Close your eyes, focus on your heart, and visualize a bubble of love energy generating from your heart. Give it any color you like. For me the ‘light pink’ color works best.

d) Now visualize this bubble getting bigger and bigger and engulfing your entire body; the girth of the bubble must be three inches from your body (an alternative ritual that I sometimes follow is to visualize the bubble getting bigger and rising upwards, all the way touching my heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye and crown chakra, and then rising further above, to be united with the universal energy, and then falling back into my body, all the way back, touching the crown chakra, third eye, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar chakra, sacral chakra and root chakra, post which the bubble gets bigger and wider, covering my entire body with a blanket that is three inches wide).

e) Now visualize an armor getting created around this bubble in order to protect it from outside harm. I like to imagine an armor made of stones (the sound of clicking of stones connecting together works for me). Your armor can be made of stone, iron, steel or anything that makes you feel protected.

f) For at least 2 minutes, visualize yourself being surrounded with the big bubble of energy and protected by this sturdy armor. If you wish, you can even extend this by visualizing harm coming your way but you are being protected from that harm by this strong and invincible armor.

g) You can give me any feedback by posting a comment on this article below.